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We bring the sweetness of Sicily
all over the world

A craftsmanship carefully guarded and handed down through the generations


Dolceria Siciliana

“For three generations faithful to Sicilian sweetness, from ice cream to pastry, we carefully select every raw material. Each processing phase is followed in detail by each manager and directly by Orazio Pennisi, who carefully and daily views each made product.”

“Every day our pastry chefs work to bring the excellence of the Sicilian confectionery tradition to your tables.”


The story of Pennisi had a “very sweet” beginning. It was founded over 40 years ago in Belpasso, a small village at the foot of Mount Etna, by the will of Father Sebastiano who transformed the initial activity of distribution of confectionery products into production activities, changing and developing the sector of typical Sicilian sweets starting from the excellence of cannoli. Around the beginning of the 90s Sebastiano took over a small cannoli factory and for a few years began to produce waffles with the already existing brand, SicilCannoli, which was abandoned shortly afterwards. Over the years the company becomes property of his son Orazio, who, driven by the same passion as his father, continues and intensifies the artisanal production of cannoli waffles, further customizing his business, giving life to a new brand,
Pennisi Dolceria Siciliana, which gives even more value to this passion handed down by his family.

Given the appreciation of the product, the second generation makes it increasingly available to everyone, varying in respect of tradition and keeping unchanged the flavors and aromas of the past. The scrupulous work of Orazio is in fact aimed at improving more and more the organoleptic properties of the waffles, making them unique in their characteristics. Later, his sons Stefano and Sergio, first and second born, and his wife Lucia also begin to work in the company, and together with Orazio they coordinate the entire plant. Over time the offer has grown, new product lines have been added, almond pastas, crispy, nougat, marzipan fruit, spreadable creams, panettone and doves, which tell all the sweetness of Sicily.

The years have given Pennisi an international reach, which thanks to its ever-increasing success reaches foreign markets such as Europe, the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Asia, Russia, testifying to the appreciation of the brand. Today Pennisi Dolceria Siciliana has about 70 employees, predominantly female, of which 60 still work manually and artisanally the product, as a real great traditional pastry, from the realization to packaging. Thanks to the skilled hands of each of them, this virtuous company now counts on a substantial number of workforce, which becomes an emblem of the authentic craftsmanship of the product.


The Sicilian Dolceria is famous all over the world. Cannoli, almond pastas, nougats and candied peels are just some of the sweets which now all countries envy at this generous land full of surprises. Over the centuries, this culinary art has perfected its techniques and traditions; but from the kitchens of country houses to the large confectionery industries, the production of Sicilian sweets has always maintained its peculiar characteristics. Pennisi Dolceria Siciliana takes care of collecting the legacy of these ancient culinary traditions, and satisfying the curiosities about the production of sweets now in demand all over the world.


Cannoli waffles, authentic symbol of the traditional Sicilian pastry, are the flagship of our production. The secret, making our waffles unique, lies in the crunchiness, fragrance and taste which make it the ideal wrapper to accommodate the filling of both cream and ricotta and to keep it fresh for a long time. The preparation of the cannolo waffle starts from the skillful mixing of the various ingredients, carefully selected and dosed based on the recipe of Pennisi. This is the most delicate phase of the manufacturing process, where the mastery and the ability of the family gives soul to the dough which is made homogeneous by the skilful combination of tradition and modernity. The skilled dexterity of the staff and the use of suitable and customized machinery in the processing allow to obtain an ideal thickness' dough sheet. The dough, thus obtained, is cut into rounded shapes and expertly and skilfully wrapped around rods suitable for use. Then, after a few hours of rest, the product is fried with skilful talent. After cooking, the waffles are removed from the canes and placed in baskets waiting to be packaged in loose boxes for pastry shops or in trays for the large-scale retail trade, or to be imported into the various countries.


Kneading is a job requiring a mission, care and love to be placed in every hand that knowingly deals with the processing of each raw material. Each dough is made at the time of each order and is produced with fresh and genuine ingredients. From the dough of panettoni and doves to that of the waffles of cannoli, or almond pastas, everything is made by our pastry chefs with passion, love and great desire to churn out a product of the highest quality, which is an expression of their manual skills and professionalism. The slow and necessary leavening of each dough tells the tradition which cannot be accelerated in any way and must abide by unwritten rules of time, patience and dedication.


The ingredients used to make our products are carefully chosen, paying close attention to the selection of suppliers. The company follows a procurement policy which aims to establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with the supplier, effectively conceiving it as an integral part of the company. The supply process is considered one of the most important since the effectiveness of each production process depends, first of all, on the quality of the raw materials used. Almonds and pistachios are selected with the continuous search for the goodness and authenticity of the territory in which they are produced: in the shadow of the majestic Etna.


The presence of our products abroad has allowed us to adapt to all international standards in terms of environmental safety for the sale and distribution of food products. We are IFS, BRC certified, which certify and guarantee customers and consumers the best level of safety and quality of the working environment, processes and products.




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