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Passion, Tradition, Quality

We are custodians of the confectionery tradition and promoters of typical Sicilian pastry all over the world

Pennisi Dolceria Siciliana

Ours is a story born from the passion for sweets, pastries and Sicilian flavours.
Confectionery tradition and family history are inextricably intertwined, becoming promoters of the typical flavors of our land and of Sicilian products in the world.

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Elegance and simplicity meet Sicilian taste in this line of excellence that encompasses and narrates our production. Exceptional raw materials, carefully selected and worked with passion, in a sophisticated, colorful and modern look.

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Sicilian cannoli

Sweet Sicilian Delights

Sweet Fruits of Sicily

Premium Line

Sicilian Tradition

Sweet Anniversaries

Handmade according to traditional recipes

Sicilian flavours, wherever you want




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