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Sweet fruits of Sicily

Lively and greedy, authentic works of art

The Martorana fruit is a dessert mainly linked to the All Saints' Day and the feast of the dead in Sicily.

Small works of art which reveal all the skill of the fine Sicilian pastry chefs who create and paint each fruit by hand with care and attention, transforming the marzipan into true masterpieces.

Our marzipan fruit is an authentic work of art that reveals the inimitable mastery of the Pennisi family.

A delight for the eyes as well as for the palate.

It is said that the nuns of the Martorana Monastery (founded in Palermo by the noblewoman Eloisa Martorana in 1194), waiting for the visit of the archbishop in autumn, realized that their garden, famous for being splendid and flourishing, was bare and fruitless. The autumn fruits were still unripe, so the nuns decided to make with the royal pasta very colorful and tasty marzipan fruits to decorate the bare trees. These sweets became famous and were increasingly requested by the noble families of Palermo.

The skilful use of particular ingredients has made Sicilian pastry one of the most famous in the world.

Among these ingredients we also find Candied Citrus Peels perfect for decorating cannoli or for being used in various desserts.

Our peels are made from carefully selected Sicilian citrus fruits to prepare sweet and fragrant candied fruit, and are also available in a glazed version.

Our Sicily, which has always been a historic Arab fiefdom, acted as an intermediary between the East and the West.

The name candied, in fact, originates from the Arabic word qandi which indicates the sugar cane juice used by the ancients to preserve flowers and fruits, in order to transform them into sweet delicacies. This is precisely where the unique taste of candied orange peels comes from, which authentically tells the story of our traditional culinary culture.

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