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Sicilian Tradition

All the flavor of Sicily within reach of the world

The Sicilian sweetness to donate to whoever you want.

A selection of our products to savour all the taste of Sicily.
A very sweet idea to offer on every occasion to let all our traditional pastries be savored.

Unique, elegant and not at all obvious packages which contain the unmistakable flavor of traditional desserts.

All desserts are prepared by hand with passion by our pastry chefs according to the recipes handed down from the Sicilian tradition.

Among these, we also find the most traditional of Sicilian sweets related to Easter. The Easter lamb of marzipan encapsulates the mastery of our fine pastry chefs, who work and paint the almond paste by hand, transforming it into a true work of art to be enjoyed with the eyes before the palate.


We bring the excellence of the Sicilian confectionery tradition to your table.

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Sicilian Tradition

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